User Experience Designer
& Graphic Artist


To me, design is where art and science break even. I love visual problem solving.


Research existing models in addition to interviewing and surveying users. Identify patterns and look for problems.


The fun part! Problem solve, establish hierarchy and flow. Get feedback on possible solutions and build prototypes.


To optimize the concept, I test the functionality and flow of the prototypes with users, troubleshoot and reiterate.


Visual design with careful consideration of the brand positioning comes into play once proof of concept is achieved.


Educational App

User Experience Design

HUD and App

User Experience Design

Bar App

User Experience Design

CSA Sprint

User Experience Design

Gas Station Concept

User Experience Design


Graphic/ Environmental Design

Data Visualization

Graphic Design

Magazine Design

Graphic Design and Layout

Travel Poster Series

Graphic Design

About me

A few pivotal events that led me here

  • 1996-2000

    Northern Roots

    Raised in the vast wilderness of Northern British Columbia, I decided to head towards higher education in Victoria where I studied microbiology but secretly wished I was in the arts program.

  • 1996-2003

    The Big Migration

    Moved to the US and began scheming to make design a bigger player in my life. I had several art exhibits around town while doing all sorts of small jobs. Took design and business classes while nurturing a DIY micro-business.

  • 2004-2011

    Atelier Suzabelle

    Started a clothing label called SUZABELLE. My modest start-up quickly expanded to supply a network of over 600 boutiques. Learned the true meaning of hard work and perseverance.

  • 2012-2015

    New Media

    After almost a decade of the apparel world, I longed to expand my skillset into graphic and web arts. I spent the next two years utterly engrossed in a graphic design program. Friends and family wondered where I had gone.

  • 2015

    Relevant Work History and Education


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